MIDI control of CSC from ETC Element

Published on 2017-11-21 22:14:18

With the current (2017) version of EOS, it's quite easy to send MIDI data from the Element. In particular, with CSC it's a simple process to either link cues to MIDI notes or to link MIDI notes to the global GO signal (or even more interesting things like mixers).

  1. Plug MIDI cable from MIDI out on Element to MIDI in on sound card

  2. Go to Show Settings -> Show Control

  3. Enable: <String MIDI Enabled>

  4. On the appropriate cue: [cue] {Execute} {MIDI Raw} and then some data in the following format:

Sample packet: 90 01 01
MIDI on: 9
MIDI channel: 0
Note (HEX): 01
Velocity (HEX): 01

Element will not let you press [Enter] if the MIDI string is invalid. CSC just looks for a velocity greater than zero, so you only have 127 control notes per channel, but that should be more than sufficient for most common applications.